The usual supply chain for resources is linear.  The mining of finite resources from the earth, the manufacture of a product, and after it has been used it often ends up in landfills in the earth again.  And then the process starts again at the beginning. But, now, the used product can cause damage to the environment.

A closed-loop chain of supply, where only renewable resources and recycled materials are used to build products, is a goal we are working on.  Already there are programs in place to ensure the responsible sourcing of finite materials where strict standards are intact to manage positive change.

All the waste created in the chain of supply will be reused in some way, recycled, composted or will be converted into energy.

Resources that have the potential to be recovered:

  1. Aluminium
  2. Gold
  3. Silver
  4. Copper
  5. Tungsten
  6. Rare Earth Elements
  7. Tin
  8. Cobalt
  9. Platinum Metals
  10. Tantalum

The earth’s resources that are most precious, for instance, water and paper, are renewable when they are managed in a responsible way.

Renewable Resources:

Water; is an essential part of all life.  We drink it, food needs it to grow, and the natural ecosystem of the world needs it.  It is also an important factor in most production processes.  We are accountable for the way we use water, therefore we find ways to reuse water, we monitor all water usage, and are constantly looking for more ways to conserve water and minimize our water footprint.

Forests; provides the fibre for paper.  The forests clean our air, purify out water and give shelter to wildlife.  We use packaging made of paper.  We are working hard to keep our impact to a minimum and through sourcing paper in a responsible manner.

Through using these resources efficiently, we can protect the natural resources we need to build our technological products for future generations.