Finding the Finer Finger Things to do with Your Fingers on an iMac:

Finding the Finer Finger Things to do with Your Fingers on an iMac:

Finding the finer things in life can sometimes seem very difficult.  Finding the finer things in Mac is only a moving finger or two away.

Would you like an easier way to zoom in or out on a web page?  Give a snapshot in iPhoto a twirl or two?  Look up the meaning of an unknown word?  Or would you just like a quick peek at your desktop?

You can do all of those with a tap, a simple swipe or a “pinch.”

10 Multi-finger gestures to find your way through Mac:

1. The Up or Down Swipe with two fingertips together:

To scroll on a page or in a selected window, put together two fingertips, touch the track-pad, and then swipe upwards or downwards.

2. The Downwards Swipe with three fingertips together:

This will show all open windows in the application you are using.  It will even show the open windows on other Mission Control desktops.

3. The Upwards Swipe with three fingertips together:

Instead of a two-fingertip upwards swipe, use three, this will activate the Mac’s “Mission Control” mode which will give you a bird’s-eye view that will show all the open windows you have and the desktop spaces.

4. The Right or Left Swipe with three fingertips together:

This swipe will switch you onto the next Mission Control desktop.  Keep on swiping to circle through all the desktops you have.

5. Use two fingertips to click the track-pad:

This action is equivalent to the right-click on a PC mouse.

6. Pinching the track-pad:

Put both your index finger and thumb on the track-pad, then either slowly spread them apart or pinch them together.  Spreading will mean zooming in on the active window, where pinching will be zooming out.

7. Pinching with three fingertips and your thumb:

This will activate the Mac’s “Launchpad” feature.  It displays all the applications in a tidy grid.

8. Un-pinching – Spread your thumb and the three fingertips:

All the clutter of windows will be cleared away and only your bare desktop will be revealed.

9. Tap with three fingers on a selected word:

Select the word and then tap the track-pad with three fingers.  The definition of the word will appear in a pop-up window nearby.

10. A two-finger Double-tap:

Double tap with two fingers on the track-pad, you will zoom in on the current position of the mouse on a web page.  Double-tap the track-pad again with the two fingers to zoom out.

Select a whole paragraph of your written text with a single two-finger tap.  Need a signature on a PDF document?  No need to print, sign and scan, you can use your fingertip.  Trace your signature on the Mac’s track-pad with your fingertip, it will do just fine.  No need for the pen and paper.

There are still many more tips and tricks and finger tapping features to explore.

5 Most Useful Features found in the Newest Operating System for iPhones and iPads

5 Most Useful Features found in the Newest Operating System for iPhones and iPads

All Operating Systems has regular updates to keep iPhones and iPads working at their best.  The newest update, iOS, is available right now and packed with new features.  Not all these features will influence or really change the way in which you use your iPad and iPhone.

5 Useful Features in the new Update for iPads and iPhones:

1. Take Much Better Live Photographs; and make them into GIFs that are able to bounce. You can also now choose the still frame that you want to be the main image.  This will make finding that perfect moment much easier.  You can share or save these moments.

2. Almost Twice as much storage room for videos and photographs; a changed compression format for photographs will enable this. However, you first need to activate the feature before you can use it towards saving more.

3. A Smarter Keyboard; when typing in a word, the built-in keyboard is going to suggest words that you might have used, typed in, or viewed on your phone. For instance, when a friend sends you a message with a street name, this may be one of the first words suggested when you start a search the next time.  Another great new trick of the keyboard is that it can be used with just one hand.  You need to activate this one-handed typing mode by activating it from the emoji key.  All the keys move closer together and you use only your thumb to type.

4. A New Life Saver Feature; that trigger a “do not disturb” mode when you are driving in your car. This feature will hide notifications for calls, texts and other app notifications while you are driving.  This feature can even send a message to people that were looking for you while this mode is on and you are driving.  You can choose when to activate this feature from a shortcut in the Control Centre.

5. Much Better Maps for Indoors and Outdoors; you now have added indoor maps for shopping centres and airports all around the world. It makes navigating the local mall a lot easier.  The directions given while you drive are also more precise on the turn-by-turn directions.

These are only a half of the new features that will really change the ways in which you use your iPhone.

What are the Advantages of an iPhone?

What are the Advantages of an iPhone?

When the iPhone was first launched in 2007, it was seen as the best Smartphone with the most advanced features, such as its touch screen.  Since then many more companies launched versions of this type of Smartphone.

Top Advantages of an iPhone:

  1. It has a Multi-touch Screen: There are no buttons, only touch.  You navigate everything with your fingers, the onscreen controls, as well as, the slider.  The press of your fingertips can zoom a picture in, and zoom it out.  You only need your fingers, no other required tools.  Amazing isn’t it?
  2. A Quick-reaction Accelerometer: This actually only means that the screen resolution can switch from portrait to landscape, automatically, when the phone is held sideways.  Gamers love this feature.
  3. Excellent Sound Quality: The sound quality can be related to a full symphonic orchestra.  The sound quality of calls is ever so crystal clear.
  4. An Automatic Spell Checker: The spell checker will correct your spelling errors automatically, while you are typing your message.  The smart keyboard will also change the button placement automatically when any of the 21 supported languages are chosen.
  5. Integrated Media Apps: Multimedia experience is outstanding because of the integration of YouTube, iTunes, and iPod.
  6. Providing More Action Options: When content is displayed on your iPhone, an action bar will appear at the bottom of the screen that will give additional options to choose from.  For instance, you looked for the address of a restaurant and the action bar displayed weather conditions or a traffic report.
  7. Great GPS Navigator: You will receive easy and simple directions when you request it.

The iPhone does have disadvantages too; for instance, no instant messaging or MMS.  You cannot expand its memory with a memory card option and it has a non-removable battery.

Do All Apples Grow On Trees? Are All Apples Edible and Good for your Health?

Do All Apples Grow On Trees?  Are All Apples Edible and Good for your Health?

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, is a saying that you hear a lot.  But does this include all apples, Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, Pink Lady ……Apparently not?  All apples do not grow on trees and not all of them are edible.  If all apples are good for your health, is a question that remains to be answered.

Apple is also the name of a company that market, Apple iPhones, Apple iPads, Apple iMacs, and still more Apple i-somethings that are all technology products.  Not edible.

Things you can Expect from Apple Inc.

Apple Products: 

  1. iMac Pro, iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook; you can upgrade, or trade in your old Mac.

MacOS powers all Mac products.  This operating system allows you to do many things that you cannot do with other computers.  It is specifically designed for Mac and the hardware it is running on.

iCloud enables the safe and secure storage of photos, documents, messages, music, and much more.  It also keeps everything updated on all devices, ensuring its availability whenever wherever and whatever you want.

Built-in Apps that helps to connect, explore, and work more efficient, enhancing productivity and also creativity.

  1. iPad Pro, Apple Pencil for iPad Pro, Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro; altogether offers more than most other laptops. It can perform any task you may require of it, is more powerful than most other products of its kind, but still easy to use.

iPad flat-out fun; learn, create, play and surf the net.  All of this with an incredible performance and display to help you do what you like most, easy, magically and anywhere you want.

iOS 11; enhances multitasking, includes many more features that make the iPad more capable in a powerful, but simple way.

  1. iPhone X, iPhone 8, and more; all of these models come with the iOS 11 operating system, setting new standards for an already advanced product. It makes the iPhones better and more capable than before and opens up amazing possibilities in games and apps.

You can also have a look out for Apple Watches, iTunes, iPod touch, lots of accessories for each product and also Gift Cards.

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If this Apple a day will have the same effect on your health as the edible type is still an open question.  What is a certainty is the fact that it will make your life easier in many ways, work, and play.  And that could be a positive health factor.