5 Most Useful Features found in the Newest Operating System for iPhones and iPads

5 Most Useful Features found in the Newest Operating System for iPhones and iPads

All Operating Systems has regular updates to keep iPhones and iPads working at their best.  The newest update, iOS, is available right now and packed with new features.  Not all these features will influence or really change the way in which you use your iPad and iPhone.

5 Useful Features in the new Update for iPads and iPhones:

1. Take Much Better Live Photographs; and make them into GIFs that are able to bounce. You can also now choose the still frame that you want to be the main image.  This will make finding that perfect moment much easier.  You can share or save these moments.

2. Almost Twice as much storage room for videos and photographs; a changed compression format for photographs will enable this. However, you first need to activate the feature before you can use it towards saving more.

3. A Smarter Keyboard; when typing in a word, the built-in keyboard is going to suggest words that you might have used, typed in, or viewed on your phone. For instance, when a friend sends you a message with a street name, this may be one of the first words suggested when you start a search the next time.  Another great new trick of the keyboard is that it can be used with just one hand.  You need to activate this one-handed typing mode by activating it from the emoji key.  All the keys move closer together and you use only your thumb to type.

4. A New Life Saver Feature; that trigger a “do not disturb” mode when you are driving in your car. This feature will hide notifications for calls, texts and other app notifications while you are driving.  This feature can even send a message to people that were looking for you while this mode is on and you are driving.  You can choose when to activate this feature from a shortcut in the Control Centre.

5. Much Better Maps for Indoors and Outdoors; you now have added indoor maps for shopping centres and airports all around the world. It makes navigating the local mall a lot easier.  The directions given while you drive are also more precise on the turn-by-turn directions.

These are only a half of the new features that will really change the ways in which you use your iPhone.