To become successful in an industry that is overflowing with exceptional products, you need to set and uphold a gold standard for your own products.  As a company, that is just what Apple Inc. does.  They set the bar very high and make it very difficult for their competitors to compete with them.

When new projects are planned, the ideas and plans are firstly formed around the technology and dazzling creation the engineers could create, not thinking if it is really needed and if people would want to use it.

A quite different approach is taken at Apple Inc.  The engineers are actually creating products for themselves to use.  The products are meant to be used and needed personally.  Things they could, or did not want to, live without.

Another essential feature that has to be kept in mind when creating new products is that it must be easy to use.  If a product is not user-friendly, it is worthless to consumers.  In all of this, keep your product range small but of a very high quality.  This concept makes the process of decision making a lot easier for the consumer.

Providing customer services that are great, whether in-store, online and also with the after sale service, will always bring a client back for more.  Apple has this service down to a tee.  Their salespeople know the products really well.  They do not offer to help you out, they offer to do whatever together.

You can be assured to find all the finer, finger-things in Mac in store.